romantic wedding spotsMost of us have heard about the famous Caribbean when we are looking for romantic wedding spots.

Well, if you have never taken this place into consideration then you better do so if you want a unique and romantic wedding.

You can go for the romantic sun kissed beach in The Caribbean islands. You can arrange a beach themed wedding, facing the blue ocean on a sunny day.

It’s quite hot so you don’t have to make it too formal, just casual and light attires will do the trick.

Each Island has its own unique features in the Caribbean. Just choose one you can access easier and one that offers your version of your perfect wedding day.

St Thomas Island is a common destination for American couples. You can rent a villa on the island if you want a romantic setting. The Sand Dollar Estate villa is an example of such Villas situated on the island.

The setting is spectacular and is also a perfect choice for your honeymoon. It’s like as if the place was made with love in mind. The villa has its own private sand beach on Magen’s Bay so you don’t have to worry about unexpected disturbances and strangers popping up in your wedding photos.

Costa Rica is also a popular destination in the Caribbean Islands. Get a local wedding planner that is going to help you arrange a wedding that you are never going to forget. You will not be running around, the day before your wedding trying to make sure that everything is in place.

Instead in Costa Rica you will be getting a massage from a very good therapist who is going to keep you relaxed before your big day. If you are looking for palm trees, sandy beaches and the sea in the background then Costa Rica is the place to be.

The Dominican Republic is another one of the romantic spots in the Caribbean. The atmosphere is great and will be fun for you and the wedding team. There is no need for you to spend a lot of time in wedding décor. All this is catered for.

All you have to do is choose your colors and explain what you want. Otherwise relax and fall in love over and over again in this romantic atmosphere. The catering teams are excellent, providing exotic food on the island.

These are just a few of the numerous islands that are on the Caribbean. Set your eyes on the island for that romantic experience. It’s worth the trip. You can hop from one island to the next if you intend to spend your honeymoon in the Caribbean.



  1. I’ve always dreamt of having my wedding in the Caribbean island.This article would be a great help to make my wedding the most romantic one!Thanks for posting.


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