Wedding during winter can be magical and beautiful. Winter is a magical time for everyone as it is filled with gorgeous white snow and festive holidays.

winter wedding venues

While planning for a winter wedding, one needs to consider various details to accomplish it. Besides decorations, invitations and apparel, you need great locations. Potentially, there are various wonderful winter wedding venues.

1. Rustic ski lodge: You will find various high-end skiing lodges reserved only for winter weddings and receptions. One of the pleasant things to get married at ski lodges is that there is likelihood of blizzard. This really adds value to the setting of your very special day.

2. Castle: Castle is a beautiful location for winter weddings based on where you are in the world. Think how wonderful it would be tying a knot in the castle.

3. Country inns: You will find great facilities and ballrooms in most of the country inns that are wonderful as winter wedding venues. Planning wedding in a country inn requires one to decide the theme that fits with it. Decorate the country inn with holly, hang around cones, warm dark wood, red and black table clothes.

4. Church: It is a most traditional choice to celebrate your wedding ceremony in a church. Churches are ideal wedding spots and big enough to accommodate large number of guests. You can easily decorate a church that fits well with wedding theme and colors. It is a perfect place for couples to tie the knot in the church and to start their life in a location that reflects couple’s devotion.

5. Personal residence: If you are planning for small wedding, you can celebrate it at your home only. Celebrating weddings at home can be comfortable and intimate for both of you and also guests.

6. Tropical destination: Destinations weddings are also in vogue nowadays. It is equally popular to choose tropical destination as winter wedding venues. In destination weddings, the couple and some selected guests travel to an exotic location such as Aruba or Hawaii for celebrating wedding. Here you can find wedding planners who can help you with the arrangement.

7. Banquet halls: There are many banquet halls and event facilities in existence, which will make the perfect setting for winter wedding venues. Ask your friends and family members for recommendations and find the best value for your money.

8. Hotels: Choose a Four or Five-Star Hotel for celebrating winter weddings. Sophisticated hotels have amazing winter and festive decorations. Due to this, holding a winter wedding in any of these hotels will let you get advantage of the amenities and sophisticated environment. You can also save on your decorating budget.

9. Riverside locations: You will definitely love having the vision of an iced river as the background for the wedding. The loveliness of the ice and the tranquility of iciness will put a lovely mood for amazing weddings and receptions.



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