You’ve probably read about people getting married under water, or in a hot air balloon or other really exotic locations. Perhaps you’ve thought of having such an unusual locale for your wedding as well? We look at some unusual wedding locales that will make your special day that much more special and truly memorable:

Unusual Wedding Locales

1. School or College

If you met in school or college, and if the institution allows you to have a ceremony there, a wedding at your alma mater could be really meaningful. Think gym, think track and field area, library or cafeteria or any other place that had special significance for the two of you.

2. The Park

A public park with sylvan green environs and pretty flowers could be a lovely backdrop for your special day. It can also be a really economical option.

3. Amusement park

On the Ferris wheel, on the roller coaster or plunging down a water slide – for the couple with a sense of humor and a passion for rides, this could be the ideal choice for a truly memorable wedding. Added plus – the guests have a blast!

4. On board a boat

Think Titanic – getting married on board a boat or cruise ship could be a great idea, with the stunning sea and sky back drop. You can even think in terms of a houseboat, ferry or a barge if you’re nautically inclined.

5. The beach or waterfront

A boat can be expensive but the beach can be free! Take it to the beach, the quay, dock or water front; lake, river or any other water body. You can’t beat waterfronts to create stunning backdrops.

6. Chapel

A small ancient chapel tucked out of the way, or an unfrequented house of worship off the beaten track could make your ceremony really intimate and meaningful.

7. Zoo

If you met in the zoo, love animals or just have a great sense of humor, this could be just the thing for you. Get married with a lion roaring in the background or with a chimp chattering the vows right alongside!

8. Vineyard

For a romantic wedding, picture exchanging vows on a Virginia Winery. With a picturesque hillside and acres of grapevines surrounding you and your guests.

9. Art gallery, museum or historic building

An art lover couple or history loving duo could find out what permissions are needed for a wedding at any of these locales.

10. The adventure wedding

If you are the adventurous sort you can think of that underwater wedding, the hot air balloon wedding, the sky diving wedding or even a bungee jumping wedding – be adventurous in your imaginings!



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