Preparing the wedding day is often an issue that can make you nervous. Take a look at our tips why and at what you can say no when planning your wedding.

In case you are not such admirer of the flowers, you can skip the bouquets for the bridesmaid and flower decoration all over. Instead of this, you can simply add decorated branches.

Your bridesmaids don’t need to match and there is no requirement for them to wear the same dresses. If you are tired from the wedding dress code, simply allow your best friends to out on what they want.

wedding ceremony

Another typical tradition of any wedding is that the bride and the groom are not supposed to see each other before the ceremony. You can skip this rule and have few quite moments in private with your future husband.

There is also another almost rule that is considered for any wedding – the toast with champagne. You can replace the champagne with any drink you want, don’t forget this is your wedding and you can always do it your style.

Break the traditions for the Saturday’s weddings and get married in another day. Saturday isn’t the most special day for weddings; you can also do it any day you want.

Overall, don’t forget that just because it is a tradition, it doesn’t mean it has to be a requirement.



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