This is the age of social media. But like everything else, it can be a bane or boon. It depends on how you wish to use it! Nowadays, even celebs like Kim Kardashian are restricting the social networking of their guests during the wedding. But this can be difficult too, since it might sound rude for you to ask the guest not to tweet or post pictures on facebook or instagram. But if you are a guest you should consider following some etiquettes about the function on your own.

wedding vows and the social mediaSocial Media Etiquette’s on Weddings

According to a recent survey, 44 percent of the brides have opined that they should set some standard rules for the guest to follow on the wedding. However, only 14 percent women are going by a stricter “no social media” rule. Here are some rules that you can request others to follow and you should follow too:

  • First things first. When you have taken the big decision, let your parents and close people know from you and not from a social media post. Also, it is sort of tacky to post a picture of your engagement ring on the social media. You might be branded as an attention seeking ‘show off’.
  • During the run up to the big day, remember, you need not post each single detail of the preparation on facebook or twitter. There will be people in your list, who would not get an invitation, and your constant posting may hurt their feeling and annoy a few people.
  • You should not post the picture of your wedding dress on social media before the occasion. It ruins the whole first impression charm. Also, the groom might not want to see the picture on facebook beforehand. At times like this, let yourself be a bit romantically old-fashioned.
  • Before the wedding, if you have any social media do s and don’t s for the guest, make sure you let them know in time. It might be a little unrealistic to think that each guest will abide by these rules, but if you make a clear announcement of these rules before the wedding, chances are, the guests will not go crazy clicking, posting and updating on social media. Also discuss with your partner what sort of social media publicity they want for the wedding.
  • If you are a guest to a wedding, make sure you know that each wedding has its own rules. Some might request you not to post anything on the social media, while some other might give a hashtag to follow.

Thus, make prudent use of social media during a wedding.


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