wedding tipsWedding is the most important day of any couple and planning this is the most stressful subject for the couples.

But if stress comes into planning process, then there is a chance that you may spoil the wedding preparations.

So, you should take proper care to make every part of the wedding process success and see that wedding goes smoothly.

By following some wedding tips, you can carry on the wedding smoothly and see that stress does not come into planning process.

Tips to overcome stress while planning your wedding:

There are many things to look after when carrying the wedding ceremony. By knowing and making the planning easy, you can cut down the stress levels and see that the wedding goes on smoothly.

Invitation: Print the wedding invitation before hand and see that you post them in time or at least see that all your guests receive them on time. The invitations should reach your guests at least 1 week before your wedding day.

If you have experience with computer, you can print your own wedding invitations and send them by post or at least send email wedding invitations.

Wedding cake: Book early in order to cut down the last minute expenses and tension of not getting the cake. If you are planning traditional wedding, you can make your wedding cake in your home or ask any one of your relatives to bake a cake for you. See that the wedding cake matches the theme, if not at least see that the design matches the bride’s dress design.

Flowers: Never purchase flowers in retail. Always buy them in wholesale for best deals on the flowers. When buying flowers one or two days before, prefer buying buds rather than bloomed flowers. Bloomed flowers can wither and give a dull look. If buds are selected, they will bloom on your wedding day and look fresh.

Photographer: Select the right photographer to avoid mistakes in your wedding photos or videos. If proper photographer is not selected, they can ruin your wedding photos. If you are not hiring any videographer or photographer, hand over the camera to an experienced relative or friend in photography for clicking pictures.

Wedding gown: It plays very important role in making the bride look beautiful. Never wear the new dress on the wedding day; after buying the dress, wear once and check for any alterations to be made in the dress. If you have a dress custom, see that the wedding gown is purchased according to the custom.

Reception and catering: What’s the menu for the reception? Location of the reception? Are you arranging drinks in the menu? Tally all the aspects and plan before to avoid stress.

Entertainment: What is the source of entertainment? Music, dance, DJ or any other entertainment? Plan before if you want to add entertainment in your reception or wedding. What is the cost of the entertainment? Will you be able to bear the entertainment cost? See all the things and then plan to add entertainment to your wedding.



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