When it comes to organizing a wedding, things might get a bit hectic and this is why it may be useful to have a wedding preparation checklist. This should contain all the important steps that you need to take for a successful event.

Telling the parents

The first and most important thing that you should add to your checklist for the wedding preparation is to let the parents know about your engagement (not that you could actually forget about this step). There are many ways to do this, and you should find one that is most suitable for your personality. Then you should go on telling other relatives and friends about the big news.

Wedding Preparation ChecklistMaking announcements

It may be a good idea to add to your checklist for the wedding preparation to announce the engagement in a local newspaper, but you could also announce people through a wedding website or through email. If you prefer the traditional ways, you could also announce people by mail.

Engagement party as part of the wedding preparation checklist

Here comes the fun part of the list: to have an engagement party. This is something optional, and it isn’t mandatory, but the truth is that you won’t get to make the best of this period if you don’t have one.


This is the time to think about the actual wedding and add new things to the checklist for the wedding preparation. You should be considering the theme of the wedding. Some people would like to have a formal event, while others prefer the non-formal style. Also consider whether you are going to have it during the day or the night. Another decision that you have to make is to decide whether you want a religious event or a secular one.

Theme it

Then add to the wedding preparation checklist this decision: what theme do you want to have? This will greatly influence the style, the look and the atmosphere of the wedding. This could be a regular theme, but you could also go for a single color.

Financial aspects

One of the most important parts of the checklist for the wedding preparation is to create a budget for the event. This way you can be sure that you won’t spend more than you can actually afford, and that you will still have all the things that you had in mind.

Another thing that you have to be thinking about when creating the wedding preparation checklist is the person who is going to pay for the whole thing.

Guest list

Since you also need people to attend the event, you shouldn’t forget about putting together the guest list. Start with the most important people, and keep in mind that you don’t need an army of guests when you are creating the checklist for the wedding preparation.

Once you are done with all this, you should also know that there is still a lot to consider when thinking about wedding preparation checklist and about how to get started with it.



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