wedding planPlanning for a wedding can easily drive people nuts, given the stressful and lengthy preparations required for it.[Wedding Plans]

The most important information of your wedding is the date.

Usually, this is decided first depending upon your venue and friends’ availability.

You then need to finalize upon the budget before you step into the actual wedding planning process. This would help you categorize your plans within the stipulated amount.

Some wedding venues offer discounts on off-peak seasons and off-peak hours. Eg: an evening wedding turns out to be more expensive than a morning or an afternoon event.

You need to discuss the scale of your wedding with your spouse to-be to converge both your dreams into one big reality. Hence, it is nice to zero in on the number of guests, the choice of place, the entertainment, etc with him.

Bear in mind the space offered by the venue before you jump into making your guest list.

Though you know that your friends would be having nice digital cameras to capture the most wonderful moments of your life, think about going for a professional photographer for the event, as you would like to look at them for a lifetime and cherish the memories.

Make sure you get a sample of your selection of wedding cake to taste well before the wedding day. It is best to design your own invitation cards if you are creative.

Start hunting for your wedding dress well in advance to avoid last moment hassles. Same goes for the groom’s tuxedo. Finally, those who cannot spare time or deal with the stress of the preparations, go for a wedding planner, and let them have the headaches.



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