In majority of the cases little girls have their wedding planning ideas and when they grow up these get transformed into ideas that come with an expensive price tag. If you would like to have the perfect wedding, you should make sure that you make enough research to be able to make the right decisions.

The cake

The ideas for wedding planning in case of a small wedding should include getting a small wedding cake. Also you could opt for a large sheet cake. It is a good idea to serve the cake as the dessert and so the guests will forget all about having other sweets.

Cutting costs as ideas for wedding planning

Wedding Planning Ideas

Having a small wedding could be a personal preference, but you could also opt for it in order to make some economies. In this case you should consider renting and borrowing as much items as possible.

Even more, there are some things that you could create on your own.

As wedding planning ideas you could be thinking about borrowing serving sets and cake knife, glasses, shoes and even jewelry.

The things that you could do DIY style include bows, headpiece, veil, bridesmaids’ dresses, church programs, bridal purse, cake top and even the pillow for the ring bearer.

The ideas for wedding planning also include skipping hiring a professional florist. Instead you could find a floral design school and ask them to create the floral decorations. Also you don’t need a large bouquet as the bridal bouquet. You could have a small one or even one single flower. Make sure that the bridesmaids do the same. If you choose to have bouquets, after the ceremony you could be using them as centerpieces.

The bridal gown

When people are looking for wedding planning ideas they know that one of the most expensive items of a wedding is the wedding dress. To reduce the costs you could be looking at the catalogues with cheaper dresses, and also consider consignment shops, internet, discontinued gown racks, and the local ads.

Another one of the ideas for wedding planning is to consider whether there is someone in the family who could make your gown.

The reception

This is another one of the most expensive parts of a wedding, and when you are looking for wedding planning ideas you should consider having the wedding on a Friday instead of Saturday because in the majority of the cases the dinner reception is less expensive.

Also a sit down dinner might be quite expensive, so instead you could opt for plate dinner or buffet.

It is not mandatory to have the wedding at night, so as one of the ideas for wedding planning you should think about having it in the morning or in the afternoon. When you are thinking about the liquor, try buying it from wholesalers, because it is less expensive that way.

As you may see, there are many wedding planning ideas to consider before making a choice.



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