There is lot of hard work and detailing that go into planning a wedding. With all that goes on, it is quite possible that things can turn chaotic and sour in a fraction of seconds. But what if there is help, some sort of technical help that makes organization and management easy-peasy.

Well, we are talking about apps. The technological multi- function today gives all the brides- to- be a cushion support with many mobile applications. These applications make it easier to plan the wedding and keep all the plans on track.

Here is a list of the top 5 wedding planning apps that will bring respite to all the burdened brides- to- be going through the saga of wedding planning:

wedding planning apps

1. Wedding Happy- The Wedding Planner App

An all rounding application that culminates all of the wedding planning needs of a bride and offers social network integration as well. All that a bride-to-be needs to do is feed in the wedding date and the app will self generate a to-do list to work with or alter. The email sharing option lets you share all of the important details easily through email.

2. Pinterest Mobile App

This is one of the most popular and the most convenient app when it comes to wedding planning. No matter where you are and what strikes your bridal desire chords, you can pin that inspiration onto a pinterest board and revisit it when needed. This app gives all the brides-to-be with a one stop location to collect all the wedding planning elements (be it an image of a pattern, a dress, makeup, decoration or a to-do list).

3. Wedding Budget

Maintaining the budget when shopping for those tit bits is as important, as it is difficult. But there one convenient way for all to stay within the budget, and that is this app- Wedding Budget. It is now possible (with this app) to keep a track of all the expenses made on every aspect of the wedding in ample detail.

4. Evernote

An application to help create an integrated digital location for storing all your wedding planning notes, lists, photos, documents, and venue/ destinations. Available throughout all operating systems it is one of the easiest ways to create and plan and share it with one’s partner, friends and family involved in planning the perfect wedding day.

5. Awesome Note

Another application which adds methodological organization to anything that you are planning, be it a wedding, a party or any other event. The bride-to-be can jot here thoughts, schedule, a to-do list, shopping list and even keep a photo journal for anything and everything about her wedding planning. What more does a bride want!


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