Everyone in the world works hard at organizing a wonderful and perfect wedding celebration for their near and dear ones and tries to make sure that everything goes smoothly and without any glitches. But even then, there are some things that may not always go as planned.

Sometimes the decoration may not get implemented as expected or the wedding cake may not be as tasty. There are some common complaints that are made by majority of the wedding guests and below given are top ones.

wedding guest complaints to avoid

1. The Wrong Date

It is common for wedding guests to complaint about your chosen wedding date and to avoid this, you must call all your close relatives to find if they have any plans on the date you selected. Try to finalize the date which is comfortable to most of the people.

2. Invitation Confusion

Another most common wedding guest complaint that you can avoid is the confusion in invitations.  Make sure you get the correct address and name written on each and send out the invitation well in advance. Double check all the invitations and make sure that the date, venue time and other details are correct.

3. Food Shortage

Always book more food to be prepared than you require. It is always better to have excess of it than shortage because shortage of food is another common wedding guest complaint which must be avoided in all circumstances. It can be very embarrassing if the cake or the food gets finished before all guests are done having it.

4. Incorrect Seating Arrangements

You have to be very careful about planning the seating arrangements at your wedding.  Avoid seating people who may not like each other too much together and always have a written seating plan in hand. Get the names printed correctly so as to avoid any kind of confusion or complaint on the big day.

5. Weather Problems

Weather is something which you do not have control on but what you can do to avoid any weather complaints is to be totally prepared for the worst. If your wedding is out in the open, consider getting a waterproof tent. An unexpected shower can ruin things and may make your guests leave the wedding with a frown on their faces. Similarly, arrange for air conditioners, fans, heaters and other such items that may be needed.


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