wedding etiquettesHave you ever planned a wedding ceremony? Planning a wedding ceremony is a very stressful act and if proper care and concern is not taken, you may even end up with an unsuccessful wedding ceremony.

Wedding is not only a ceremony that unites the bride and groom together, but it is the reunion of two families and a social event. It is very much important to follow certain wedding etiquettes to have successful and pleasant wedding ceremony.

When it comes to wedding arrangements, your mother may have some ideas in her mind, in the same way your mother-in-law may also have respective ideas towards the wedding.

To avoid confusion in their ideas, wedding etiquettes are important for having a successful wedding ceremony. If the bride wants to have traditional wedding and the bride groom wants to have non-traditional wedding, it becomes a big clash in the ideology of marriage of the couples.

Wedding etiquettes helps you to fulfill your ideas of wedding and make the wedding ceremony successful and make the wedding process move on smoothly without many clashes between the ideas of wedding. Wedding etiquettes look after every aspect of the wedding and no one idea is left out in the ceremony.

Wedding day is the first and foremost day of your wedding life, so any discrepancy in between the ideology of the couples can lead to a disaster of the marriage. Therefore, wedding etiquettes play an important role to avoid such disagreements on your big day.

There are many wedding etiquettes which make your wedding successful, but only some of them are considered as important wedding etiquettes. The considered wedding etiquettes are those which ruin the wedding ceremony and arouse major clashes between the couples.

Major wedding etiquettes to know:

Money matters: Money is the one which makes family relations ruin. Many clashes start with the money and end with a break in the relations. When planning the wedding, the most important thing to consider is who pays for the necessary items of the wedding. When pursuing traditional wedding, the bride needs to pay for some items while the groom needs to pay for some items.

For example: The bride’s parents will pay for all the arrangements in the wedding while the groom’s parents pay for all the arrangements performed after marriage. If you are not choosing traditional wedding, then sit down with your parents and your fiancee’s parents and discuss about the arrangements and its expenses.

Invitations cards: Have you ever observed traditional wedding invitations? It contains only bride’s parents names in the card. Sometimes, these wedding invitations will create a headache for the couple.

So, wedding etiquette states that you can even add groom’s parents’ names in the wedding invitation. Many brides and grooms of today’s are showing interest in printing their parents’ names in the wedding invitation for a successful wedding

Thank you notes: This is the significant wedding etiquette to have a successful and complete wedding ceremony. Bride and groom receive many gifts in their ceremony and it’s the couple’s responsibility to send thank you note. It’s better if you write the note with hand and take care that the notes are sent to all of your friends and relatives without missing anyone.



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