Planning a perfect wedding means a lot of things need to be taken care of. While you might have a Wedding Organizer (WO), the decision is still in your hand. If you want your wedding to be something stylish, you should know the latest trends in a wedding ceremony and here is a guide ready to give you some explanation about them. But this time, we will try to focus on food.

There are some people who care about how are your decorations to determine whether you are stylish or not, but there are a lot of people who don’t even think about that.

Still you should know for a fact that everyone will enjoy the food, so picking the right wedding catering is a crucial part you should look into carefully.

The most recent trend is the modern-day wedding catering. The caterers try with various ways to play with the color of the food. You could request your favorite color to be the main theme of your food, or the caterers you hire can make it look nice with your chosen decorations.

But, if you think the color isn’t always nice, how about a custom-made cocktail? All you have to do is to let your guests customize their own drinks.

Ask your caterer to prepare a display at different spectacular cocktails around the cocktail hour, presented in sparkling bottles and glasses to make them look more luxurious.

You could prepare some garnishes like raspberries or other kinds of berries for the cocktail glass decoration so your guests would enjoy mixing and matching.

Some people don’t like the alcoholic drinks. For this type of crowd you can put off all those bottles away for the next similar trend. Your guests won’t make any cocktail, but they still get the chance to get their personalized meal.

There will be a lot of food stations and you could place a chef on each of them . This is much different from the traditional buffet as those chefs will plate the meal for your guests and give them some recommendations on what to pair dishes with.

Consequently, you will have an all night long wedding dinner party.
Speaking of party, you might want to give your guests a golden chance to stick with their diet with pleasure. Try to pick those healthy foods or organic and sustainable ingredients.

If you are facing the possibility of having vegetarian guests, this kind of trend is recently supported by most caterers. They will give you both delicious and healthy foods just like what everyone is looking for.

Photo Credit: Occasions Catering



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