On the one hand you want that every moment of your special day be recorded in vivid detail, including all of the important words that will be said on the day. Yet on the other hand you wonder if having a videographer present at the wedding makes sense – whether you’re going to really watch the video ever again, if it is worth the expense and the intrusion?

Videographer for the Wedding

We look at the pros and cons of having a professional videographer for your wedding:

The Pros of having a professional wedding videographer

Memories for a lifetime

Unlike still photos, videos move and speak. To remember exactly what the couple say to each other, how he looked standing at alter and how she gazed at him as she moved down the aisle – a video will obviously capture all of the nuances better.

Good quality video

No glitches, no shaky panning, and no inadvertent footage of irrelevant stuff – a professional videographer will know their job.  A good quality professional camera means that you will have good quality of video and sound as well.

You have advantage of the videographer’s experience

A professional knows the angles that are most flattering and knows what to include and what to edit. Being experienced at their job, they know what is expected of them and what will please their clients.

The Cons of having a professional wedding videographer

The Intrusion

The video lights, cables and the videographer and their assistant can be an intrusion. You may not welcome this if you want your special day to be quiet and intimate.

Anyone can be a videographer

Any Handycam and even most Smartphone cameras are good enough to take videos today. A friend or anyone in the family can turn videographer for the day – and they will know better than a stranger what people and what bits of the ceremony are more important for the bride and groom. Or if you want a professional to do it, you can look for them online; ask for their custom brochures price list. Just discuss what you want in every detail you can have, to get the perfect shots for your wedding day.

It can be a considerable expense

If you are on a budget, this is something that you should consider – professional videographers can be quite pricey. Do you want to spend the money on the video or would you rather use it some other way?

You may be tempted to foist your video on unsuspecting visitors

If you have wedding video you may be tempted to make all your visitors watch it. Remember your wedding video is likely to interest only you and people very close to you; those who were actually part of your big day themselves.



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