wedding tipsThe worst time to go on your menstruation cycle is on your wedding day! Unfortunately it is something that you can’t avoid or postpone.

You can only look for ways to go round it so that you do not have to spoil your big day.

  • Avoid holding your wedding on or during your menstrual cycle. To avoid this try scheduling it for a day that will be two or three days after your cycle has ended. This will make sure there are no surprises on your wedding day and in the duration of your honeymoon.
  • Never try to fight your monthly menstrual, it is vital to detoxify your body. Trying to fight or control when it comes will exhaust and frustrate you.
  • A light and healthy balanced diet is essential to make this time as comfortable as possible. If the body spends less time digesting food it will make the detoxifying process faster and leave you cleansed.
  • Well cooked vegetables and fresh fruit should be your diet at this time. They will replenish the fluids that the body is losing and the vital minerals and vitamins.
  • Chocolate is not your friend at this time so fight the temptation. Soaked dried figs or dates are great substitutes for chocolate so rather eat those. For snacks chew on fruits and save yourself the hassle.
  • Clary sage, lavender, ginger, marjoram and chamomile are great for relieving depression that comes with the monthly cycle. Add it to your bath water and relax and soak in it. After your bath do as little as possible and avoid interactions that may lead to squabbles.
  • Tuck yourself into bed and read a good book until you doze off to dreamland. Rest as much as possible, doing completely nothing is impossible nowadays so rather do less than usual.
  • Tampons are very controversial but if your period clashes with your wedding day then these are your best option. Chances are you will be wearing a white dress and staining will be humiliating to say the least, so speak to your gynecologist to lay your fears to rest about tampons. They will not make a mess and will give you room to do whatever you like without needing a change or even shifting out of place like most pads.
  • Regular abdominal stretches will ease period pain eliminating the need for pain killers. Exercise will release beta-endorphins that will alleviate your mood. These are chemicals associated with pain relief.
  • If you dislike painkillers a hot cup of coffee or tea will ease your pain in no time. Pain killers are not recommended as the amount you would have taken in your whole lifetime will add up to too much.


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