It is never easy to organize a wedding and there are a lot of mistakes that brides can make. You should prepare for these mistakes to make sure that you will avoid them.

One mistake people often make is forgetting to send your guests thank you photo cards.

Top Wedding Mistakes

Fashion budget

When thinking about your fashion budget you should keep in mind that you don’t only have to buy our dress. You also need shoes, undergarments, jewelry, and hair accessories.

Flower types

The florists can’t know for sure which flowers will be blooming on the day of your wedding. This is why you shouldn’t get attached to flower types, but think about shapes and colors instead.


Although it is tempting to tell the date of the wedding to your guests as soon as you know it, you should wait to finalize the guest list first. It is possible that by that time close friends won’t be that close anymore.


We have to admit that the photos aren’t as good as videos when it comes to your wedding. This is why it is important to have a videographer; you might see things on the video that you didn’t see on the big day.

Controlling the vendors

For sure you’re working with professional vendors so you don’t have to control their every move. You don’t have the time anyway and most probably you don’t have the experience needed either.

Picking the bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids should be the people that are the closest to you and the people you trust the most. Don’t have a bridesmaid just because someone asks you to because these are the people who should be there for you if you need some help.

Too much information

It is tempting to tell everyone about your wedding, but you should control yourself. The more details you share, the more unwanted opinions you will hear. Also there is no fun in your wedding if you can’t surprise your guests.

Being in a hurry

Naturally you don’t want to get your hair and makeup done too soon, but it isn’t a good idea either to get last in the chair. You have to have the perfect hairstyle and makeup, while this isn’t a must for the bridesmaids.

Rushing the photos

When you have the photos done you should look relaxed, so make sure that you have enough time for them.

Hiring a friend

Even though you have some friends who consider themselves professionals, you should still have some pros at your wedding.



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