plan weddingThese days, it is important to be practical. More and more couples are going for casual weddings to avoid spending a lot of money on classy and traditional wedding ceremonies. So how do you plan wedding when you have a tight budget? Here are some tips that you can use:

1. Keep your guest list small. The lesser people you have to entertain the lesser need for money to spend. This is one of the most basic things you should know when you plan wedding.

2. When you plan wedding location, look for a place that can host both the wedding and the reception. This way you do not have to pay for separate locations and you do not have to pay for designs for both locations and worry about hiring transportation for your guests that do not have their own cars.

3. One thing that takes up a huge amount on the wedding budget is the dresses. Most brides would not want to compromise on something as monumental as their wedding gown when it comes to plan wedding. If you know someone who can sew, then you can consider them making your dress. You can pick a cheaper fabric and get a discount since you know the person.

4. The menu is also vital when you plan wedding. Feeding your guests can cost money. You can let your family and friends cook instead of getting a catering service. Or have your wedding in early afternoon that way your guests will not be expecting a heavy meal.

5. A wedding plan is not complete without the official photographer. Instead of getting a professional you can hire a local photography student and agree that some shots be used as part of their portfolio. If someone in the family is good with taking pictures that would be better.

6. For the decorations and floral arrangements, when you plan wedding, it is better to order your flowers from warehouse stores instead of a florist. You can get a bulk order for a fraction of what the florist would charge. Keep the designs simple. You can also use candles to make up for the small amount of flowers or string Christmas lights around the venue.

7. When you plan wedding you should also think about your souvenirs for your guests. You can also cut your costs through this. You can have tiny bells that guests can use to ring and tie a ribbon that has the name of the bride and the groom plus the wedding date on it or a nice quote about love. There are a lot of simple mementos that you can use to also lessen your budget when you plan wedding.

8. For the entertainment in your wedding and reception, look for talented friends and ask them to pitch in. Make your sorority sisters do a dance number, your dad a song number, or hire a local band. There are a lot of ways to be entertained. Seeing a familiar face doing the entertainment would be much fun to you and your audience. This will help lower the costs when it comes to wedding plan.



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