Planning a wedding is never easy so to make sure that you will have everything covered you should be looking for top 10 wedding planning tips.

Top 10 Wedding Planning Tips

1. Start early

You have to start planning in advance to make sure that you will find florists and other providers for your wedding. They are starting to get booked earlier each year. Also, planning your honeymoon far in advance will not only give you and your sweetheart hope at the end of the wedding tunnel but will also enable your imagination to visualize yourself sipping pina coladas in a tropical location like Thailand. Make sure to reserve your hotel in Bali and roundtrip tickets a couple months before. The last thing you want to worry about is where you will be able to unwind after your big day.

2. Know the people you are working with

The best 10 wedding planning tips also include that you should know and trust the people you work with. Check the credentials of the people you employ to be sure that you won’t have problems.

3. Have papers

Once you find the service providers to work with, make sure that you have some kind of formal agreement, as one of the top 10 wedding planning tips.

4. Time out

If you feel like you are getting overwhelmed, you should take a break. This might be one of the best ten planning tips for the wedding. Most probably you will need a mini vacation to relax a bit.

5. Take care of your bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are the persons you choose to be by your side, to offer you support during the hectic days before the wedding. They will stand by you during the event and you can depend on them. This is why make sure you don’t turn into a bridezilla but rather treat them with respect and show them they are important to you.

6. Social etiquette

The top 10 wedding planning tips tell you that you should always follow the proper etiquette to be sure that you won’t encounter social blunders. Also remember that your wedding is important for others as well, not just for you.

7. The people you care about

When thinking about the 10 wedding tips that are the best you should make sure that the people of the wedding party know that they are important for you. This way they will show up not only for obligation, but because they actually want to be there for you.

8. Compromise

Although this is your big day, remember that everything can’t be perfect. Most probably there will be some things that you can’t have or that won’t work out. This is why it is important for you to be able to make a compromise.

9. Re-confirmation

Everything you do and everything that others do should be confirmed and even re-confirmed to be sure that there will be no steps skipped. In case of weddings, details are more important than anybody would think.

10. Be careful with the drinks

One of the most important top 10 wedding planning tips warn you not to have too many drinks on the big day because it is a long day and you have to be fit for it. You have to be able to hold speeches, to dance and to socialize with the guests.


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