weddingdayEven after much planning and care couple feel stressed out when they think of the wedding process.

Perfect planning can cut down the stress for some extent, but the day before wedding seems like the most stressful day.

Stress can ruin your wedding day celebration mood and can spoil the enjoyment too. So, you have to overcome stress before the wedding ceremony.

It is not as easy as saying, but by following some tips, you can overcome stress levels and make the wedding day enjoyable.

Tips to overcome stress:

  • Have a warm relaxing bath with candle around the bathing tub. You can even add aroma oils for making the bath more relaxing.
  • What’s your favorite movie? Gather some lovable CD’s and watch the movie. Give a break to the planning process and take time for laughing and ruling out the stress.
  • Turn on the music system and dance to your favorite music. Put up the volume and forget about the world around. This is a great stress-buster.
  • If you are frustrated or feel like yelling at someone, then show the anger on the pillow and yell at it. This will surely cut down your frustration levels and can calm you down.
  • Plan something for your fiance or plan something which will surprise your partner. This will give a positive energy and lift your mood.
  • Internet has many humorous web pages which can surely lift-up your mood. Check for those web pages and have a boost-up in your mood.
  • Play some lovable interesting online games with your partner or try some computer games which can be good stress-busters.
  • Exercising can also make you de-stressed. This is proven medically as exercising can release well-being hormones in the body which will cut down stress.
  • Plan a small dinner or a road trip with your partner. Try to spend as much time together to avoid the adverse effects of being new to each other. The small outing can also be the starting point for your relation.
  • Try to get out of the planning and wedding schedules and enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy your garden or have swim in your backyard pool or visit a park and see children playing.
  • Have a sound sleep when stress is ruling over you. Sleep is the best medicine for controlling stress, restlessness and tiredness.

All these tips can surely cut down the stress and make the wedding process go on smoothly.



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