The wedding day is probably the most exciting event of your life—a moment in the lifetime where you agree to enter into a sacred union with another someone and promise to make it worth. Because of the extreme importance of weddings, people give out their best, in both emotional and materialistic terms, to ensure that the day is the best day of their lives. However, the motivation is not enough, and there are many things you have got to keep in mind while planning your dream day.

Five tips to keep in mind while planning your wedding

In this article, we shall explore top five points you must keep in mind while planning your wedding day:

1. The theme of the wedding

Lately, theme-based weddings have become really popular—many couples want to marry against a particular background or in a specific destination. From the recent Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding party to traditional wedding party, every theme needs an investment of time and money.

A theme-based wedding requires more than just booking the venue, sending RSVPs or deciding on cuisine; there is so much of planning to do in areas concerning the procurement of theme-based wedding gowns and suits, décor of the venue, corresponding cuisine and whatnot. The same is equally applicable to destination weddings. All of this inevitably will require time and money, and you cannot simply dream of such wedding a month ago and wish for perfect execution.

2. Guest list

Yes, this task takes most of the time—you want to invite all your good people, but keep the expenses within budget. While making a guest list, make a rough estimation of the number of guests who would attend the wedding. Also keep in mind an important fact that all guests would not be able to attend so you may, if you want, add some of those long-out-of-touch relatives to accommodate the vacancy. Prepare a smart guest list and accordingly book the venue.

3. The wedding date

You cannot have your wedding on any random date, and if you think this task of deciding is simple, no way! In order to select the best date for the wedding, investigate what events or holidays may occur on the selected day such as a death anniversary of some friend or family member. Your selection of date should be such so as to attract as many guests on the list as possible and ensure the wedding day is a congregation of happiness and not a lonesome event.

4. Budgeting

Well, throughout the discussion, one thing remained indispensable: budget. Budgeting for thewedding has tobe smartly done in order to accommodate all your interests without putting too much pressure on your finances.

Make the allocation of thebudget as per the reception costs, decor, wedding attire, flowers, and other incidental costs. It is important you leave minimum 5 percent of your budget for unanticipated events and miscellaneous expenses. One more advice: Do not be too strict with your budget and allow amoderate degree of flexibility, otherwise you will remain stressed throughout—and this is not good.



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