A groomsman, who is also known as the usher in some parts, is the individual who attends to the groom at his wedding and performs a variety of tasks on the days leading up to the wedding. It is the groomsman’s job to assist the groom in any preparations, to plan the bachelor’s party and such tasks.

Some may say that the job of a groomsman is thus just as difficult as that of a bridesmaid. But there is not enough help extended to the hunky groomsman as there is to the bridesmaid. So here is a list of tips that will help you be a great groomsman to your buddy at his wedding.

tips to be a great groomsman

  • Take the initiative and help out the groom and the best man in making decision regarding the tux choices for the wedding. Help the groom make a decision that will please the wedding theme and complement the bride’s choice as well.
  • Make it a point to get all the groomsmen to take measurements for the suits and send them to the tailors in time. Also make sure that the groomsmen try on the suits in time for any tweaks and are ready for the wedding.
  • As a groomsman you must look sharp at the wedding so polish yourself from head to toe and be at your presentable best.
  • A good groomsman fills in for the bride and groom and the host by attending to the guests whenever they are not available to do so themselves. So attend to the guests, exchange pleasantries, make introductions and help the elderly wherever needed in the wedding.
  • Offer to help the groom in polishing his vows, if he needs.
  • Go out and help the best man plan the most amazing bachelor’s party for the groom. It may lie in the responsibility area of the best man but every groomsman can get involved to give the groom an amazing memory of the night with his best friends and enjoys himself to the core before the hectic schedule of the wedding season starts.
  • Try and make the groom feel as comfortable about this life changing event and in no situation make snarky, weird comments about the impeding nuptials that may hamper the spirit of the celebration.
  • Familiarise yourself with the special guests of the groom at the wedding and help the groom and the best man and putting the best hosting skills to the fore.


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