wedding planningWhen shopping for your wedding with a tight budget it is good to know whether or not you can get a discount and where to find a good discount. You should first look around and compare prices. [wedding budget]

When you go to your usual vendor use this as leverage, make it seem like you are doing him a favor and get him to reduce his price to the one you saw elsewhere. Knowing the market will expose you to the best deals.

  • Always keep abreast of the specials available, know when they are in stock and purchase non perishables for a much cheaper choice. Usually vendors will cut your bill if you agree to something extra. Use this to your advantage to get some thing else that you really need.
  • Never show the vendor that you are desperate. Be very indifferent and make them feel like they are replaceable. Be firm and try not to beg and make it seem like you would walk out on them should they refuse to see things your way.
  • Be sure to put something reasonable on the table or they will let you walk as you are not worth their time. Try and see how far you can push them without pushing too far. Ask tough questions and let them know that you mean business. Work on getting the basics and attempt luxuries after.
  • The best place to learn and to try your hand at negotiating is at the market place. Take note of what works and what does not and keep it for future reference. No matter where you are negotiating, always be respectful and realistic.
  • With caterers, try and get those to throw in some extras such as appetizers in exchange offer to pay in cash or check. The vendor saves money by not accepting plastic and being paid in cash or check. The vendor also benefits from the referrals and advertising if you list them in the acknowledgments.
  • Always know what you want and how much you are willing to spend for it. Give an allowance for a compromise should you fail to get the discount you wanted. Also avoid impulsive buying, rather when you find something that you like you wait a few days and see if you still want it. Discuss it with your partner and see if there is no way around it. A different perspective will be more beneficial and will hurt much less than buyer’s remorse.



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