After a marriage proposal is made, the future bride and groom are ready to start on the journey of planning and of course there are many people who want to join the ride.

Usually the age of the couple is very decisive on the matter of other people interfering in their planning and that is why many young couples fall into the trap of seeing their wedding organized by somebody else’s ideas.

The wedding planning has at the base a budget that usually is supported by the bride and groom.

It is common knowledge that there are occasions, especially when big traditional weddings are concerned, the parents to pitch in when covering expensive details, such as the wedding hall, wedding flowers and wedding catering.

Under these conditions it seems only natural for them to also pitch in suggestions on what dress[wedding dress] should the bride wear, how would the cake look like, what priest should perform the ceremony, who would the bridesmaids be…etc.

One might think that people do this on purpose so to undermine the couple’s authority in the matter of organizing their wedding but it is very far from that.

Parents and relatives are trying their best to make the couple’s life easier and feel compelled to come up with ideas even if sometimes their intervention is not welcomed.

The bride and groom are this way confronted with a very unpleasant situation because on one hand they cannot possibly say “no” to their parents especially since they are paying for the wedding, while on the other they see their wedding turned into exactly the dream of…their parents.

This is the common mistake most young couples make and this mistake leads to discussion, reproaches and grudge inside a family, feelings that surface usually after the wedding when it is too late.

The bride and groom should really take the matter into their hands and prevent this from happening. It is true that the parents help is needed but a decision took together between the two would disharm anybody to take charge of the situation.

Always keep in mind, that the parents want you to be happy and this is your best argument when deciding for your wedding. If every step of the organizing process is thought by the bride and groom, it will be easier for the others to see their point of view and act accordingly.

Remember that the wedding ceremony is supposed to make you live a dream, and it is meant to be remembered fondly, and this is why you must be the ones taking the decisions.



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