You have planned the wedding ceremony and ultimately reached the wedding day. Wow! You have successfully made all the preparations and reached the big day.

wedding day

Great! But its not all over, you need to make your wedding day successful by making all your planning, preparations, and hard work to be successful.

Everyone makes some silly mistakes in their wedding planning and preparations spoiling their wedding mood. So, know the different mistakes, which roll down on your big day.

These mistakes seem to be silly and stupid, but these mistakes cannot be overruled for making the wedding complete.

Mistakes on your wedding day:

Guests: Many think that proper arrangement of food is the best way to give entertainment to your guests. But this is not true, when your guests come to the wedding, you need to take care of them from the starting to ending.

You need to receive them properly, if you cannot stand at the entrance and receive them, then at least make close relative of yours to stand at the entrance and receive them.

If you do not meet your guests at the entrance, then you must meet them in person after or before wedding and greet them.

While they are leaving, don’t forget to wish them thank you. After all they came to your wedding and spend their time with you; therefore being responsible is the prior importance.

Getting late: Did you ever go to a wedding and wasted time waiting for the bride and groom? What was your experience? Awkward! Don’t make your guests feel the same; this is a very awkward situation for anyone who comes to the wedding.

Do not do the same mistake; you may have many reasons to be late to your wedding. But these reasons are often overlooked by the guests present there and this becomes a big issue. Be on time and see that your auspicious time does not pass by while you were rushing to the wedding place.

Running out of Drinks/ Food: Did you ever face this situation while you were in a wedding? Think what was the situation of the wedding couple who arranged food or drink party? So, double check your guest list and see that you did not forget counting your relatives or friends.

Plan properly and see that you have covered everyone in your family and ordered food according to the persons. But many wedding planners suggest to order food more than your guests.

If you are expecting 150 guests, then order food for 175 members to avoid food or drinks scarcity at the last movement.



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