In case you are planning your wedding and you are a traditionalist, then you are going to have a church wedding. In case you are going to have the church ceremony, you should consider several things.

The main issue with planning a church wedding is the schedule of the church you want. Usually the biggest church are very busy and their schedule is full for months ahead, so you should reserve a day at least two months before the biggest day of your life.

Some churches have special rules for the wedding ceremony, which may differ from what you thought. At first, you should visit the church and speak with its pastor early.

Church WeddingThere are lots of formalities, which should be maintained, so you should inform yourself about the church`s requirements. In case you already have a particular date, speak about it with the pastor. Many brides to be have a special pastor in a mind, who will eventually do the ceremony, but the church may not allow this or they may require to use their pastor.

Any church typically has a wedding coordinator and you should work with him, in order to plan a nice church wedding.

Usually the coordinator doesn’t charge a fee, and even if he does, the figure isn’t going to be that big. A wedding coordinator can be very useful for your wedding plans, because he can make it easier with the list of the guests, the flowers and the wedding theme.

Typically those are exactly the people that will find the musicians for the church, as well as deal with the church`s sound equipment. In case you haven’t planned your wedding rehearsal, the church wedding coordinator will surely help you.

Any church offers special décors for the weeding, so you can choose the decoration directly from the church.

Church wedding decorationIn case your guests will be more than the capacity of the church, you can make necessary arrangements in coordination with the pastor and ask for some extra seatings.

As a bride to be, you surely have your own vision about the wedding decor. If it doesn’t fit the wedding decor from the church, talk to the pastor about it. You can place some accents in the church and change their usual wedding decorations.

Most of the brides are willing to change the color of the carpet or the walls if the pastor allows it. You can also change the greenery and use them with your floral arrangements.

Ask your florist to visit the church, for he will have a better idea as to how to form the wedding flowers and bouquets.



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