Chances are that you haven’t planned a wedding until now, so if this is the first time you might be interested in some steps to planning a wedding. These aren’t very complicated, but there are various aspects that you have to consider.

Budget as a wedding planning step

This is one of the most important wedding planning steps that you have to make. Set the maximum budget that you have. If you don’t set a budget, you may have some unpleasant surprises after the wedding. For sure you don’t want to spend your honeymoon worrying about the financial aspects.

Steps to Planning a WeddingDate

When think about the date, the first wedding planning step that you have to take is to decide on the month. Make sure that you will have enough time to prepare everything before the wedding.

Don’t leave anything for the last minute to be sure that you won’t be stressed.

Wedding party

Another very important one of the steps to planning a wedding is to decide upon the wedding party. Keep in mind that the lives of people are quite busy, so you should announce them in time. Also this is the moment to pick the key persons.


The location has a huge effect on the outcome of the wedding, so this is also an important wedding planning step. Think about the places that you would like to have your wedding at, like a church, a park, the beach or any other location. If you aren’t a member of the church in question, you may need some special arrangements.


Most probably the decisions that you make in the previous steps to planning a wedding will determine the officiator that you are going to have. In case of a church most probably it will be a pastor or preacher. If you don’t like the church, you will have to contract an officiator.


The mood of the wedding is determined by the wedding theme, so this becomes an essential wedding planning step. You may have a single color that will become the main focus or a special theme.


One of the most important steps to planning a wedding is to find the perfect wedding dress. Nonetheless you shouldn’t forget about the clothing of the other members of the wedding party either, such as the groom, the bridesmaids and so on. Make sure that everybody knows the theme of the wedding.


As it has been mentioned, people have busy lives, and so they have to know about the upcoming events. It is a key wedding planning step to create the invites and also to send them. When creating the invitations, also think about the seating cards and maybe the church program as well.


A key element of the steps to planning a wedding is to make sure that you have the rings and that they won’t get lost. Before you get them you might want to make some shopping around to make sure that you have found the perfect ones.



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