Women will always try to plan in her mind how her wedding day should be. The numerous details from the venue, the caterers, the champagne glasses, the flowers, her gorgeous wedding gown and of course how beautiful she would look while walking down the aisle.

With putting all efforts to look effortlessly beautiful and divine on that special day many brides have gone to seek the help of seek the help of cosmetic plastic surgery.

Plastic Surgery Before WeddingAn average woman spends many moments of her life dreaming of wearing that beautiful white gown, throwing a special bouquet of flowers to her loved ones, and of course the amazing man waiting for her at the altar.

So, it is no wonder that her wedding day must be absolutely perfect.

Brides to be usually take months, sometimes even a year and longer, to get ready for their special day. Extra care must be taken to ensure that everything is in order.

The most sought after pre-wedding procedure would be a face lift surgery. Having cosmetic surgery has never been easier or safe than it is today.

There are a variety of surgeries and procedures to choose from depending on the needs and wants of the bride herself.

Complicated surgeries may have a longer recovery time, where as certain procedures require no recovery time at all. Botox, facelifts and breast augmentation are some of the ways today’s brides make sure that they look their best.

Millions of women have opted to have breast augmentation and have walked away shining with confidence. Breast augmentation today is a common surgery and therefore has a fairly quick recovery time. Breast implants recovery time varies for everyone and is usually determined by the size and placement of the implants.

If the implants are placed under the muscle, the recovery may take longer as opposed to them being placed on top of the muscle. On average breast implants recovery takes a few weeks. Breast augmentation may help a bride feel perfect in her white wedding dress on her special day.

Facelift is another popular choice for brides to be and is a rather common procedure which can be performed on an outpatient basis with local anesthetics. Opting to have a facelift will ensure that all wrinkles are evened out, even the dreaded crow’s feet and is usually planned 4-5 months before the wedding and has a recovery time of about 2 weeks.

For those brides wanting a procedure with no recovery time, the choice is usually clear: Botox. The cost of botox is relative affordable compared to other cosmetic procedures. Botox is injected into the specific muscle with a fine needle and only causes minor discomfort therefore not requiring any anesthesia.

The procedure itself can be done in a few minutes. The most common side effect of botox is bruising which usually lasts for a few days to a week. The effects of botox will last from 4 to 6 months after which the process would have to be repeated again in order to achieve a wrinkle free appearance.



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