Planning a bona fide traditional Italian Wedding will include the occasions of the engagement, the ceremony, and the reception. While organizing Italian traditional wedding you can adhere to the following guidelines. The event will not only be perfectly traditional but memorable as well.

traditional italian wedding


Getting Permission

As per traditional Italian wedding, the groom has to approach to the bride’s father or to any male relative of bride’s family in absence of the father in order to confess his love and take the permission of getting marries with his daughter.

Present an Engagement Ring

If the groom’s proposal is accepted, before the announcement, the groom has to offer a ring for bride-to-be’s ring finger.

Setting up a Trousseau

This tradition is also defined as the hope chest – it is a compilation of household goods and clothes that are to be used by both of the groom and bride after the ceremony and are stored in this trousseau. A bridal shower can be the modern alteration in this regard.

Wedding ceremony


Traditionally Italian weddings take place in churches. Hence you have to select a church which encompasses the wedding ceremony especially Italian.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding time of the Year

To dedicate to Virgin Mary; most of the traditional Italian weddings occur during the month of May. Therefore you have to schedule your wedding plans accordingly.

Hand Written Invitation

To pursue traditional Italian wedding you have to opt for handwritten invitation rather than engraved one.

Borrowing Wedding Gown

As per Italian culture, it seems honorable to borrow wedding gown of ancestral generation of your family.

Arranging Sunday Morning Ceremony

Italian culture believes in Sunday morning ceremony as they consider Sunday as the day of good luck and fortune.

Tie a Ribbon

You have to tie a ribbon at the entrance of the church to signify the church as the source of getting married.

Honor Italian Folklore regarding Metals

In pursuing Italian wedding the groom has to carry a piece of iron and the bride has to avoid wearing any gold ornaments until the wedding rings are exchanged.

Break a Glass

After completion of the ceremony, the couple has to break the glass to identify the number of years they will live happily.

Throw Confetti

The couple has to throw confetti while exiting from the church to symbolize prosperity, money, and fertility according to Italian tradition.

Releasing Doves

After the aforesaid custom, doves are released to denote love and happiness.


Holding Cocktail Hour

For a traditional Italian wedding, you have to organize a separate cocktail party which is called cocktail hour.

Musical eve

Playing the traditional Italian wedding songs is a tradition; you can hire a band for the purpose as well.


To be more traditional opt decorating with flowers and ribbons.

Italian Cuisine

Inclusion of typical Italian wedding recipes will add extra delicacies in your wedding. Foods like stuffed mushrooms, olives, Italian wedding soups, pastas, fruits salads, cakes, pastries can be served.

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