A wedding is the union of two souls in the presence of loved ones. It is both sacred and beautiful. Today with so much of variety in everything, why should marriage preparations remain the age old way? If you are among those who are eager to modernize your wedding ceremony with personalized touch and innovative charm then this article will provide some useful ideas for the same. Below given are some ways through which you can personalize your wedding.

personalize your wedding ceremonyHave some Drinks

Use a pre-ceremony hour long cocktail party to start the celebration after all the guests have arrived. This party will allow everyone to mingle with each other and serve as an ice breaker and will let even the tardiest guest to be on time for the main event. Remember to keep it simple and offer a few delicious snacks.

Thank your Guests

Write personal notes to your guests and leave them at the ceremony entrance to make your guest feel welcome as soon as they arrive. This will also give you more time for photos and reception as giving cards to your guests’ means that you don’t have to receive each and every guest in the receiving line.

Plan a Group Activity

If your wedding is planned to take place in some interesting location like in a museum, let your guest take a tour of the location before you are ready to take your vows.

Provide Flower Favors

Gift the men boutonnieres and present fresh flower clips to the women. This will make your guests even more welcome. Arrange them at the start of the wedding aisle on trays.

Screen a Slide Show

A slideshow is another innovative idea. Play the slideshow before the ceremony starts rather than after the dinner. This is a sure way to entertain your guests before the wedding starts.

An Alternative Bridesmaid Bouquet

Tell your best friends to carry chic clutches instead of bouquets. These also serve as gifts for your bridesmaids. If you don’t like the idea of chic clutches then you can also opt for candle lit lanterns, colored parasols or even silk fans.

Choose a Calligraphic Runner

Take the help of a calligrapher to emblazon your aisle runner with a personal message written in chalk or fabric paint. You can even create your very own customized runner.

Slow-Dance at the Altar

Your first dance does not have to be at your reception. Instead you can complete your vows cheek to cheek which is indeed a very sweet gesture.

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