Weddings are meant to have fun filled moments with your friends, family members and near and dear ones. With increasing number of social media platforms, work places, education centers, texts, etc, you become “friends” with hundreds of people.

It is important to narrow your guest list and plan whom to invite and whom not to invite for your wedding. You just can’t invite everyone whom you know so here is a list of people who should not be a part of your big day:

people not to invite for your wedding

Your Ex

Though your ex-girlfriend or your ex-boyfriend was an integral part of your life for quite a long time, he or she should be strictly avoided for an invitation on your wedding. You might have been “just friends” with him or her but since you are starting a new chapter in your life, just cut you ex’s name from the guest list.

Your Brother’s/Sister’s/Cousin’s/Friend’s Girlfriend or Boyfriend

It is totally okay not to send the invitation to your brother’s girlfriend or your sister’s boyfriend. These people can easily be excluded from your wedding ceremonies as they are not that important. If you have never met them or if the relationship is just new, it is completely fine to cut off their names from the invitation list.

An Old Friend Who Invited you on his Wedding

There are cases when you were invited on the wedding ceremony of your old friend 5-7 years back. Now you must be thinking to invite him too just because he invited you then. Realize that it has been 5-7 years that you haven’t talked to that person. Instead call the people whom you love and ignore the ones whom you knew decades back.

The Embarrassing Family Member

There might be few relatives in your family whose presence irritates you. That person might drinks too much, cracks unnecessary taunting jokes, throw tantrums, argue over small things, cause fights or create messy situations all the time! Don’t let such people ruin your special day.

Your Boss

This is indeed a tough decision. Whether you have to invite your boss depends on your personal and professional relationships with him, the nature of your work and your equation with the colleagues. It depends whether you feel comfortable in socializing with your boss outside your office hours. Whether you will be able to freely enjoy your wedding chores under your boss’s watchful eyes. If the answer to any of the above questions is NO, your boss should not be a part of your wedding day.


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