What does a wedding need? Money, time and energy. Without these the wedding in question might not be as the couple desires and that might be a major letdown. Still, because of the given economic situation, more and more people are trying to cut from the list the money part, through organizing a sustainable wedding.

Low Cost WeddingThere are numerous ways through which this might be achieved, for example by not choosing the most expensive jewelry like earrings for the wedding.

It has been known that a girl’s best friend is the diamond.

Nonetheless these days it is very popular to opt for other kinds of gems, such as sapphire, ruby, emeralds, or even alternatives for diamonds, like moissonite and synthetic diamonds.

During a wedding a lot of paper might be used, and instead of using this traditional method, you might also use chalkboard signs that might offer the same elegant and fancy look, just as the printed version.

In many cases it doesn’t cost anything to create these signs in case the couple can use old picture frames and a little paint.

Usually the couples choose to hold their wedding at a distant location for the feeling of exclusivity, but more and more couples opt for local weddings. The planning of such a wedding is a lot less expensive, and in case the supplies are bought from local producers, the couple might support the local economy.

A lot of money is spent on the honeymoon, but another trend in this year is to stay in the city during this period. The only difference is that the couple does things that usually they wouldn’t do, for example visiting museums, going to theatre and having picnics in the park.

A last suggestion might be not to think big; you don’t need hundreds of people to celebrate your love. It is enough to invite those people who are truly important to you.



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