It may sound odd and unusual, but as a matter of fact New Year’s weddings are more festive than any other wedding. In case you are planning to get married, consider New Year’s Eve as the right time to do it. Here are few tips on how to organize such a wedding.

new year wedding

At first make sure the hall you are choosing is free. Usually most of the restaurants are busy especially for the New Year’s Eve. Try to find a free banquet center or reserve a hall at least two months before the event.

There are some rental spots that should be booked at least one year before the event, especially if they are popular wedding spots. The very next step is to take care of the wedding invitations.

Many people face difficulty with the invitations part since they start sending out invitations just 2 weeks before the wedding. Avoid this, especially if you plan a New Year’s wedding.

Send the invitations at least two months before the wedding. This way your guests will not make plans where to spend the New Year’s Eve and will be free to be your guests.

wedding party

Typical for the New Year’s wedding is the location. Stay local, for this will help your guests to reach you easily. December is a special month, because of the holidays and traveling is very expensive, not to mention the risk, if the weather forecast isn’t good. So, comfort your guests and yourself by organizing a local wedding. The wedding theme should match the holiday theme.

wedding favorsGo for holiday colors. Red and green remain the best colors for a New Year’s Eve wedding. Plan well the time of your wedding and make sure it is an evening wedding, because this way you will celebrate your wedding and the arriving of the New Year.

A very proper hour to start is 18.00h. The party atmosphere is one of the most important things.

Forget about the stale or the somber wedding speeches, because they may bore your guests. Try to combine the wedding traditions with the typical New Year’s Eve party.

The wedding favors should also be well considered. Hats, pins, noise makers, etc. are great party favors that can be wedding favors too.

Include the countdown in your wedding party. It is a great way to entertain your guests. Of course the champagne is a must at midnight, where you will mark the beginning of the New Year and your new life as a married person.



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