Marriage is, perhaps, amongst the biggest decisions of our life. We all wish that when we get married, we celebrate the occasion with great enthusiasm. It has never been about the magnitude of the celebration, but the worthiness of whatever we do during our big day which makes our day special. That is where, wedding planning plays a major role.

Wedding planning is as important as the wedding itself because it greatly influences everything: couples, families, friends and the wedding itself. However, it is often affected by a plethora of myths which have been created with the purpose of making everyone part of the wedding anxious and full of unreasonable expectations.

Myths About Wedding Planning

In this article, we have enumerated 4 such wedding myths you should be wary about.

1. It Is Your Day

Yeah, we know it is your big day and how dearly you want everything to fall in place in accordance with your wishes. However, simple and easy as it may sound, the reality is very different and may not delight you. Wedding planning is not just about you—it involves your family, friends,and professionals.

To ensure that your wedding is not just a one-person affair, you must consider what others have to say about it. You need not necessarily implement their recommendations, but do consider them.

2. Everything Should Be Perfect

Let us be quite blunt about it: there is nothing called perfect so do not even try. Yes, wedding is a fanciful event, especially for the brides, but unlike what fairy tales bewitch us into believing, there are no grandma fairies to fix everything for you and about the wedding.

Today, you get to personalize the weddings however you please, but no matter how much efforts you put in, they will not be enough. Maybe you do not get to have your best friend attend your wedding or the baker messed up with the cake a little bit. So, do not start planning thinking that perfection will be the theme of your big day.

3. Do Not Be Impulsive About The Gowns Or Suits

This tip is for the bride and the bridegroom. When you go out shopping for your gown or suit, do not get overwhelmed by the first piece you see in the market. You need to be patient and try out all possible shops you have in mind before you decide on one. You must research meticulously about the vendor you wish to hire: compare the prices, its reputation,and your budget.

4. The One-Year Engagement Rule

We do not get the logic behind the proverbial one-year engagement rule that states that one-year engagement offers sufficient time for wedding planning. Well, there is no certain way to tell whether this stipulated period is good enough to transform your relationship and make you prepared for the wedding.

The wedding is a huge affair whose implications are great. It is not the one-year rule which determines how the wedding goes; it is the circumstances that determine whether we are prepared to walk through the aisle and make vows.


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