shoppingEveryone wants their wedding to be perfect and the most unforgettable event of their life.

Making your wedding perfect includes a lot of careful planning and implementing the plan in the right way.

However there are plenty of mistakes any bride can make while planning for their wedding. Here are a few of the most common mistakes:


Even though you love to plan your wedding [wedding plan] on your own, make sure you don’t overwork as it can lead to stress or other health problems before your wedding.

Get help from your family members or hire a wedding planner who can take care of things in a more efficient way.

Spending too much

When it comes to a wedding, every one gets excited. However, make sure that you spend enough money, particularly if your parents are covering the costs of the wedding.

Choosing a wedding venue

Although it is essential to book a wedding site in advance, it doesn’t mean you have to book it too early. Firstly, determine the your wedding theme, the number of persons you are inviting and also the budget of your wedding.

Expecting complete perfection

Even if you plan everything perfectly for your wedding, there are many things that can go wrong. It’s therefore unwise to expect complete perfection. Prepare for the worst and take immediate action if you encounter disasters on your wedding day.



  1. The wedding day is so important day for everybody and people makes lots of mistakes for this day. Budget is important and a carefully planning for wedding day should be made otherwise people would be regretful.


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