Becoming a ‘bridezilla’? That’s a big NO NO in case you would like to get your groom involved in the planning of your wedding. Although in the majority of the cases the grooms seem to leave the planning to the bride, you might turn the whole planning into a couple’s activity. There are numerous ways through which this might be achieved.

One of the easiest methods is to talk to him, calmly. There is no need for stress, and it helps to make him understand that it needs a lot of work, and you can’t do it on your own.

Wedding PreparationIt is a good idea to let him know that you need him. You could also ask in what degree he would like to get involved. Try to read his mind regarding how he really feels about the entire planning activity.

Make sure that in case he helps you, you won’t criticize the work that he does. Even more, you should compliment him on the things that he does, for example the organizing skills, musical taste and so on.

You shouldn’t give those tasks to him that he’s not good at. You shouldn’t ask him to order to floral arrangements, but you can ask him to order the invitations, address them and send them to the guests.

Involve him in the areas that he is interested in and encourage him to do the things he would like to do. He might want to handle the flowers (although this is quite unlikely), or the music for the ceremony.

In case he likes to work with computers, he might create the design for the invitations and the sitting cards.

Be sure that during the entire process you are open and honest about the things that you need. Also try to stick to the most important items, and not make him go bankrupt during the wedding preparations.



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