Planning a wedding is a stressful process and a never ending search for new ideas and themes. There are so many things that need to be planned like the venue and reception as well as sending out invitations. Together with the pre-wedding jitters, couples had to deal with planning a wedding.

For you to be able to make things easier, start your inquiry as early as possible. Do not think that because its way too early that you keep procrastinating, before you know it, it’s only few weeks before the big day.

Hiring a professional wedding planner to help you in planning a wedding can cost too much. If you’re on a tight budget, here are some tips to help you out in planning your day:

Location of ceremony

    Location of ceremony should always be on top of the list when planning a wedding. Make sure you have enough other options on the list in case your choice of location is not available.

    If you plan a church wedding, make sure to ask about their rates, accessibility and everything that’s on your list.

    Location of reception

      Location of reception may differ from the location of the ceremony. This is common to church wedding. However, if you plan on having a beach wedding, you can set up your reception on the same location.

      If you are having two different locations, make sure they are accessible and near to the place where you held the wedding ceremony.


        Planning a wedding is never complete without deciding on your wedding photographer. Make sure to book in advance as it is possible that the photographer won’t be available during the date you intend to hire their services. Make sure you check their rates, portfolios and packages for better deals.


          Music is one of the most solemn entities in the wedding ceremony. When you’re planning a wedding make sure that you have a good choir to sing for you and carefully chosen records to play on your wedding reception.

          Wedding gown

            Of course, planning a wedding is not complete without the excitement of fitting gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Make sure you meet with your seamstress two to three times prior to the wedding to make the necessary adjustments.


              Do not forget the florist. If you’re more concerned on your wedding décor, put the florist a little higher in the list when planning a wedding.

              They provide all the flowers needed in the wedding including bouquets and centerpieces. They also take charge of arranging them in the venue and reception.


                There are few choices of car brands that are fit for wedding. Fewer choices make better and faster decision that is why car rental is not on the top list in planning a wedding. If you’re after a very rare brand and model of a car, make sure to make reservations early.

                Groom and groomsmen attire

                  When planning a wedding, the groom’s attire is normally selected separately from the bride’s gown because of its availability and commonness. Meanwhile, the groomsmen’s outfits should match the bridesmaids’ dresses.


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