Seating arrangements are one of the important elements of wedding plan and you have to take care to plan properly.

If you are having only small wedding, you may not require whole seating arrangement.

But, if you are planning to invite large number of guests, seating arrangements for wedding can be quite challenging task for you. Here are few ideas that can hopefully help you in making your task easy for you.

  1. Estimate number of guests for your wedding and accordingly choose wedding site. If you are going to invite large number of people, it would be better for you to select outdoor wedding. Arrange a couple of tables extra to be on safe side.
  2. Don’t place tables too close together and leave some space to move freely to make your wedding guests feel comfortable.
  3. Assign your wedding guests to their tables and have their names at particular locations they need to rest or sit. This can prevent confusion for you as well as your wedding guests will know where they can sit.
  4. Always remember to put your guests along with their family and partners. Don’t arrange separate seating arrangements according to age group as your guests might not like it much.
  5. Assign a person or team of persons to receive your wedding guests and help them in finding tables assigned with their names or you can leave the choice to your guests where to sit.


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