Cowboy themed weddings are fun and unique and encompass the feel of the American West to create an ambience of a ranch, barn or a saloon. Make sure that everything right from the invites to your guests to the wedding dress for the bride and groom to the menu and the cake, as well as the bouquet for the bride are all co-ordinated to the theme of the west.

Cowboy wedding cake

Here are some ideas to spruce up your cowboy themed wedding:

1. Decide on a Venue for the Wedding

Depending on what kind of look you want in your wedding you could choose either an open area like a ranch or a farmhouse. Otherwise you could decide on a saloon with the décor done up in true western saloon style. Try the barn if none of the above interests you.

You could choose one of those American West replica towns that have sooty saloons and horses and a few coaches too to make you feel that you are really in the wild, Wild West. Whichever place you choose, be aware of the weather conditions as well as the budget you would have to dole out for decorating the place as per your theme.

2. Decide on the Dress

The options are many for both the bride and the groom. It could be a tuxedo for the groom coupled with a southern belle gown with a hooped style for the bride. Or you could go for denim with a long fitted denim skirt with rhinestone sequins and boots to match coupled with a denim fitted pants for the groom and a white shirt and leather skin cowboy jacket and boots for the groom. The bouquet for the bride could be scarlet roses or sunflowers.

3. The Cake

Carry the cowboy theme to the cake as well as you could have a nude look frosting or change the entire shape of the cake to resemble a cowboy hat or a saddle.

4. The grand Entry or Exit

Arrive for your wedding on horseback or a wagon drawn by horses and leave with your groom after the wedding,on it too.

5. The Menu

If it’s a western themed wedding, then you must have beer and lots of it too for the guests. Try ale that can be poured out from taps in barrels. You could go for iced tea or Mojitos too. The food should have lots of western flavours to it like garlic mashed potatoes and sausages, pork ribs and coleslaw, watermelon carved in a festive design and ranch beans could be the natural choice.

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