Everyone wants a unique wedding, but one of the best ways to make it truly stand out from the rest is by having a personalized wedding. Personalization adds touches that exhibit the identity of the couple throughout the theme, design, food, and other aspects of the wedding.

When you are planning for your wedding, don’t be afraid to be different and let your creativity shine through. If you are not too sure about something, ask your close friends and family members what they think, to help you narrow down the best ideas for your big day.

If you want to have a personalized wedding, here are some steps you can begin with:

  • You may want to look at having a logo or brand for your personalized wedding. The “brand” is more like an image or a monogram you will be using throughout various aspects of the wedding, from the invitation, food menu, and party favors.
  • Instead of hiring a band to play a number of romantic songs during your reception, provide them with a list of songs that are meaningful to you both as a couple. Ideas for these would include the songs you first danced to, songs that make you either dance, or songs that are reminiscent of something meaningful for the couple.
  • Adding unique touches to your food and drink menu is also a good idea for a personalized wedding. Work with the caterer to provide things that are out of the ordinary, such as food from your hometown, a special concoction, wine from the couple’s favorite vacation spot, etc. will add a personalized touch rather than just simply serving fish or chicken on the menu.
  • Writing your own vows will also make the ceremony more personal and closer to the heart. It is the most intimate part of the wedding, so it’s nice to add your own thoughts for a personalized wedding.

Once you’ve planned the various aspects for your personalized wedding, the next step would be to create a budget.

If you don’t have much to splurge on, here are some tips to help you keep costs down yet still have an unforgettable personalized wedding:

  • Work with a general idea of how much you have to spare for the entire wedding. Even a rough estimate will do, and it allows you to allocate a budget for various aspects of the wedding.
  • List down expenses for your personalized wedding. This should include: invitations, stamps, wedding couple attire, entourage attire, ceremony fees, photography and video services, transportation, entertainment, reception, food and drink, and an allotment for unexpected expenses.
  • Set a percentage for each category but allow it to be flexible. Take the time to canvass and source more affordable suppliers for each. If for example your allocated budget for the caterer in your personalized wedding is going to cost 10% more than expected, you should remove 10% from another category or find another caterer.

Flexibility is the key to planning a budget personalized wedding. While planning, you may also want to consider post-wedding expenses, such as the honeymoon.



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