allergyTo all those who have experienced allergies, they know from past experiences that allergies may ruin a perfectly good wedding day.

Allergies occur when you are exposed to something that your body has no immunity to.

Allergies refer to the actual symptoms of the reaction. Allergies may vary from a mere irritation to even a life threatening one.

Allergies may be anything from swelling to sneezing, itching and more often than not watery eyes are involved.

If you know that you suffer from hayfever, it is best to avoid too many fresh flowers at your wedding.

Alert your florist about your concerns and have him suggest the best alternatives.

Should you be determined to have those exact flowers then I suggest you consult your doctor and have an allergy shot before the wedding. The allergy shot will stop your body from reacting to the allergen.

See your doctor instead of diving headfirst into over-the-counter antihistamines because only your doctor can tell you what you are allergic to.

Only your doctor can determine the extent and the best treatment to combat that specific allergy. The doctor will run a series of painless tests such as blood and skin tests.

In some cases he may even have you eat the suspected allergen. I would also like to strongly recommend against using a flower nursery or even gardens as a wedding venue.

Allergy relief is a matter of preventing these symptoms from occurring rather than dealing with them when they have occurred. Think about it like this, why go through all that discomfort when you can prevent it from happening?

Food allergies are probably the most annoying because the reaction occurs internally. Yes, sure, you may develop hives; swelling or even itching on the outside but these symptoms will only stop once whatever you are allergic to is out of your system.

To avoid food allergies from occurring to you or your guests have them alert during their R.S.V.P if they have any known allergies. This will give you a rough idea of what the caterer should not include in the menu. Allergies are easier to prevent than to control. And no one wants their wedding to end in drama while they are lying in hospital.

Should a food allergy occur during the wedding, it is best not to try and diagnose the patient. They will be experiencing excruciating pain so just save a life and rush them to the hospital.

If it is possible take the plate that they were eating from so that tests will be run much faster and more effectively.



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