wedding disastersYour wedding day has to be a no mistake day, the perfect day that goes on smoothly and everyone is happy.

However, it is not always the case. Some unfortunate things can happen and you end up having to face the ‘morning after’ of a disaster wedding.

The weather is one of the biggest uncertainties every single day. You may predict a nice sunny day, that shows no sign of rain, but all of a sudden when you are on your way to the photo shoot, rain starts pouring.

Listen to the weather report, because these weather guys are always on point. A sudden turn of wind movements may occur, but if you are going to be listening to the report at least four days prior to your wedding day, you will have a good idea of what the weather will be like and make necessary wedding plans and preparations.

The food is the most delicate of everything else on your wedding day. Imagine, the food becomes a shortage and a number of people including some of your in-laws end up hungry.

What are you going to do then? Always make sure you allocate the correct amount of food resources to your wedding.

Take a look at your guest list and then make provisions for unexpected guests that may pop up. Another option is to restrict your wedding to invited guests only and place ushers that are going to be cross checking the guest list as people come in.

But it is almost impossible for these appointed ushers to effectively do this so just stick to the first option. Prepare extra food.

The third wedding disaster is that your dress won’t fit, and you discover this only in the morning of your wedding. The best option will be to get a tailor but hurried adjustments only ruin the dress and you will not find a professional tailor at such short notice.

This may also be a problem for your bridesmaids. Make sure you go for a fitting before the wedding day and urge everyone to maintain their weight so there are no last minute changes.

Your wedding planner can contribute to the disaster in your wedding. She may book the hall at the wrong date or order flowers that the groom is allergic to.

Make sure you are on top of everything in the preparation process. The wedding planner is only meant to help you and not to do everything for you. Get rid of problems that are easily avoidable.

The wedding photos and the video are the only visual memories that you are going to keep for the rest of your life. So make sure you get a professional wedding photographer and an experienced Videographer. None the less, always have a backup plan in case anything goes wrong. Get someone in your family to take photographs as well.

The most important way to evade problems on your wedding day is to enjoy and have fun. Keep a clear and healthy mind and you will find everything falling into place.



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