Weddings are about love, people, and fooood! Yes, food, and, sometimes, I think people attend weddings just for the food—well, actually they do. Never mind, food is an integral part of any wedding, and if your food sucks, then you know your wedding isn’t getting good reviews during after-party gossip session. So, you cannot experiment with food at your wedding.

If you are looking for some advice on how to go about with the service of food at your wedding, then why not we start with what you should NOT serve. Yes, in this article, we are going to talk about exactly that and help you in deciding the menu of the wedding.

5 Foods You Must NOT Serve at Your Wedding

So, without further ado, here are 5 types of foods you must not serve at your wedding:

1. Is it just about the meat?

Everyone loves meat—but not just meat. If you are a huge meat lover, you might be tempted to have an all-meat service at your wedding which might irk your vegetarian friends. You should bring in some variety which effectively caters to the needs of every guest at your event. Keep aside your insurmountable love for anything, and think about your poor guests.

2. Food that costs half your life to cook and serve

Okay, unless you are super rich or your guests are unbelievably patient with food, you cannot have foods which take a lifetime to cook. Remember that the main attraction of the wedding is the couple, not food. So, you can skip being all grand about the food if you want—it will not really hurt your reputation.

3. Monotony

The thumb rule is to have sufficient food for your guests. You can have a variety of starters, but when it goes down to the main meal, you need to restrict your options considerably and focus more on the quantity and quality. But, this should not mean that you totally go boring with your main meal options!

4. Typical wedding food

This should be read with point 3.—yeah, totally!

When we run out of ideas, we go back to the easiest option available. Typical wedding food is boring and without taste. You should include a couple of new dishes to add some excitement amongst your guests and ensure your wedding becomes indelible. Let us give you an example:

People usually serve slices of cakes to their guests. How about serving them with dishes such as pancakes or donuts? You need to up your creativity and come up with creative but cost-effective ways to bring in considerable variety.

5. Raw food

Serving raw food is a monumental task. We all know how much yummy a steak tartare is, but considering its main ingredients being raw meat and egg, you better leave it off the menu. We ask you to do so to avoid any food poisoning disaster which may happen.

If you anywaywant to serve raw food, then hire an expert!


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