America’s rising marriage age means more newlyweds have experience managing money, communicating with their better halves and navigating relationship speed bumps.

wedding party memorable

One thing they are not so good at? Entertaining!

In fact, many newlyweds enter marriage with little or no such experience. What’s more, even if a pair cohabits beforehand, and is used to hosting guests, the first year of marriage often involves the kind of formal dinners and holiday celebrations they’re not used to throwing.

But even the most novice entertainer can put together a presentable party with the help of caterers, attention-getting cookware, a well-stocked pantry and liberal use of registry gifts.

“It’s like people are waiting to ‘become adults’ before using their good china,” says Brooklyn, N.Y.-based entertaining expert Marcy Blum. “If you registered for all these things, you should use them as much as possible, mixing your best dishes with everyday pieces, and even using fine silverware outdoors.”

Maria McBride, author of Party Planning for New Nesters, says the best way to throw a stress-free party is by keeping certain wedding party basics on hand.

Read the rest of the story here for Entertaining tips to make your wedding party memorable.



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