asthmaChronic diseases are diseases that last for a very long time. Chronic diseases are not necessarily critical but there are some that are more critical like AIDS.

The less critical diseases include arthritis, asthma and diabetes. Living with them can prove a challenge but that doesn’t mean your life should end.

Knowing the chronic disease that you suffer from allows you to cope. If you are familiar with the disease you will know what to do and what not to do.

Each chronic disease has its own prescribed way of doing things; this includes the symptoms, type of treatment and the course.

Symptoms are handled by medication but the disease is always there. Patients will feel like they are in perfect health most of the time. The extent to which someone is affected by a chronic illness depends on the illness, age, how the body was affected and the degree to which it was severe.

The best way to cope with chronic diseases is to get comfortable with their various treatments whether they are shots or even asthma inhalers. People with diabetes are usually the most frightened of their condition but after several consultations with a doctor their fears may be laid to rest.

With constant practice the patient will become better at it until it becomes second nature to them like brushing their teeth. Patients are warned to be vigilant and should be aware of mood swings that may occur.

Sadness and depression may occur causing sleepiness, excessive crying or even grouchiness. To avoid these you may choose to join a support group or even speaking to your therapist will work.

Just try and keep your head up and do things that you find fun balanced with real life. Talk to your friends and family and explain your situation so that they understand.

They don’t need to have medical knowledge just plain love and support will do fine. Don’t hesitate to visit your doctor if you have any questions.

If you feel that you can’t cope with the wedding stress rather hire a wedding planner. It’s your wedding day but you can only enjoy it if you are alive.

For brides who suffer from chronic diseases, make sure you know full well all the foods that you can and cannot eat. Make sure to ban these from the menu or at least your serving.

Basically there are limited ways in which to avoid chronic diseases on your wedding day, the only thing you can do is to plan well before the wedding and hope for the best.



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