organizing weddingEvery woman no matter where in the world dreams of their wedding and wants it to be the best and most memorable day of their life.

But when it comes to financial books to plan such a wedding, one would just die of a heart attack right before that wedding takes place.

Weddings can take most of your life’s savings but they need not be like that, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams and not use up all that you have.

When planning the decor of your wedding, remember that the main aim is to create a beautiful display, and it’s still possible to do this with cheap decorations. Just shop around for classy decorations that will not leave you spending large amounts of money.

You can also make some of your own decorations. There are a number of ideas online that take you through wedding decoration ideas.

Your choice of venue also determines how much you are going to spend. If your house or parent’s house has a nice and big back yard then you can use that as your venue.

Just play around with the flower arrangements and the setup and there you have it! A wedding venue to die for! Plus you don’t have to pay rent. You are also not worried about last minute cancellations.

Who is going to handle the food department? If you are going to hire a catering team, look at the quality of the food and not the charges. The higher the price, “the higher the quality” is not always the case when it comes to food.

So if the lady next door or at church is running a small catering team and cooks good food then you better hire her. You will probably pay only half the price.

You can also limit the number of wedding guests that you are going to cater for. Friends and family are the number one priority. Even if you think you have many friends, there are those that really need not be there. You can hire immediate family only and set an age restriction.

You and your mother will make a perfect team in planning your wedding. A wedding planner will just be another expense because they charge large amounts of money. They often put together what they think will be good enough for you. What about what you want?

If you know what you want then there is no need for a wedding planner, but if you don’t then go ahead and hire one. Always remember that your wedding planner does not always have to have credentials but this can be your best friend.

Take note that an inexpensive wedding reception does not compromise quality so go ahead and have your wedding without falling into debts.



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