wedding planningWedding is a very big event and often mistakes roll down while making the wedding process successful.

But, by overcoming the wedding mistakes, you can make the wedding process go smooth and cut down the unnecessary tension.

Knowing mistakes is the fist step for making any event successful.

If you take care of the mistakes that roll down in the planning process, you can take separate care on the mistakes.

If mistakes are corrected, then you need not worry about things which will ruin your wedding mood and make the wedding planning hectic.

There are many mistakes that roll down in the planning process; this article helps you to know the most common mistakes which make your wedding a flop.

Mistakes that roll down in the wedding planning:

Budget: Having an unclear budget is a very big mistake while planning a wedding. Sometimes you prescribe a certain amount for an act and you over spend the amount for some reasons.

By overspending, you can create a deficit budget for buying and planning other items or you need to spend some extra amount from your pocket. This can be an overwhelming experience if you have planned cheap wedding. So, plan a realistic budget and try to spend in your budget limits only.

Lack of communication: Thinking how could this happen? Lack of communication can also be the most common mistake that rolls down while planning wedding. Clear communication is necessary for making the wedding process to go smooth.

For example: If you want the wedding decoration to be made by combining separate techniques, then you need to communicate perfectly this to the wedding vendor or planner who is arranging the decoration on your wedding day.

If you are not able to communicate properly and make them understand your idea, they understand something else and make some decoration. So, proper communication is necessary.

Hiring cheap wedding vendors: Wedding comes once in a life time and if you select a wrong wedding planner, you cannot cope up with the wedding arrangements and make the wedding success.

You need to be very careful while choosing the wedding planners who make preparations on your wedding day.

The wedding planner should look after each and every aspect of the wedding. So, the negligence of the wedding planner can ruin your enjoyment of wedding.

Do not see budget while selecting wedding planner, select a wedding planner who is well experienced and efficient in making wedding preparations successful.

Some other common mistakes are choosing a wrong photographer, not being flexible towards the arrangements, losing positive attitude, getting busy in the arrangements and forgetting about enjoyment, over expecting or expecting less guests from your guest list and making eating arrangements that are insufficient or over sufficient.



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