Your wedding day is supposed to be the most perfect day of your life.

From the perfect dress, venue, décor, theme, perfect wedding and of course the perfect date or should I say a lucky date for your wedding, you will choose.

Choosing a lucky date for your wedding may actually give you that perfect wedding you have always dreamt of. To be precise it’s every bride’s dream.

The perfect lucky date for your wedding would be the 9th of September 2009. It’s a date that will ever occur once in lifetime with a triple nine (999).

The perfect day to start your new life don’t you think? Did you know that nine is actually a lucky number in some cultures? You really do not have to be in that culture to experience the luck; you just have to believe it too.

Take a moment to imagine celebrating your birthday at the same time as your wedding and eventually anniversary. You would be surprised to know how your birthday and wedding combination is a lucky day. The combination of “Happy Birthday” and “congratulations” has a nice ring to it I must admit.

Hitting two birds with one stone, something most of us have failed to do, you can get the chance to try it. If 9 September is too far for you or too far into the week here’s another option to having your wedding on a lucky day.

Your wedding is the beginning of a new life for you and if you are looking for a lucky date the 1st of January would be perfect.

Beginning a new life as you enter a new year would be unique and worth a try. If you are still struggling for a date, the 1st of January 2010 should be on top of the list of your options for lucky dates.

Remember missing out on this date will require you to wait a whole year to get married; if you really want to get married start making plans to secure the day and venue.

The number 7 is a lucky number according to most western countries and 8 according to the Chinese culture. Therefore 7th of July and 8th of August would be other lucky dates to choose from. With the wide options of lucky dates to choose from you possibly cannot miss all of them.

Now you can just select one compatible with your wedding plans and appropriate length of time that you need to prepare for the wedding.



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