When you think of wedding, what is the first thought you get in your mind? Big decorations, arrangements and lot of expenditure! Couples fear of these arrangements and worry about the uncontrollable expenditure [Ideas for wedding decorations].

But, by planning properly, you can control the expenses and make a cheap wedding.

Cheap wedding does not mean the wedding is cheap, but the wedding is performed in a controlled budget with all necessary arrangements.

It is hard to believe that you can have a cheap wedding, but with proper wedding planning, you can make cheap wedding successful too. But, before you plan for the cheap wedding, make out your budget!

Plan for certain amount of money and stick on to that amount, if your budget crosses the amount you have planned, then the wedding is not a cheap wedding. Plan accordingly and make sure your expenditure does not cross the budget, make sure your expenditure is not deficit while carrying on cheap wedding.

Cheap wedding ways:

Mainly the amount is spent on the wedding and reception, so by cutting down these major aspects, you can control the unnecessary expenditures.

Cheap wedding location: You can surely find a cheap wedding location in your local area. Planning a cheap wedding location cuts off the maximum portion of amount you are spending on the wedding.

You can choose a local park as your wedding location, as the amount you need to pay is nominal or even sometimes free of cost. If you are wedding in a national park, you need not pay a penny and do not need any permits.

Consult your city authorities for places which are free of cost and helpful in performing cheap wedding ceremony.

Beaches also come under the cheap wedding locations. The beach is a very good place and you can even plan a beach wedding, which is simple yet awesome.

If you are planning a nature themed wedding, you can plan your wedding in nature reserve, flower conservatory or any zoo. Planning in all these places does not cost you a penny and these locations are quite interesting and enjoyable for the couple and guests.

You can even plan your wedding in your friend’s house or in your own backyard and can cut down the amount to be paid for the wedding locations.

Cheap wedding receptions: You cannot forget about the wedding reception if you are planning cheap wedding. The main factor in the reception is food.

Ask group of your friends or relatives to get recipes to the reception. By this, you can cut down the food expenses. But be sure to ask only the dear ones for food preparations. How can you forget the location? Try to choose the same wedding location to cut down the charges.

If you want to plan the cheap wedding reception even more efficiently and differently, then perform the wedding reception in the gazebo of a park. You can even arrange a small picnic and arrange barbeques in the picnic, making the wedding reception special.

If you have planned a theme wedding like beach wedding, you can select the wedding reception location as the beach or even you can select the house backyards as a special ceremony in your home.



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