There are some brides and grooms who say that most probably they will have only one wedding ceremony and this is why they should make the best of it, no matter how much it costs.

On the other hand there are those couples who are thinking about the future and they say that they prefer to make some economies before and during the wedding to save some money that they could use later.

Budget Savvy BridesIn case you are one of the latter, there are some methods to make economies, and still have the wedding that you are dreaming about.

It is very important to start the planning in time. This way you will have the possibility to look for numerous possibilities regarding the venues and vendors.

In case there is a place that you really like, you could make a reservation in time, and this way you could also get a discount.

If you have to be careful regarding the expenses that you have, be sure to make a budget and also to keep it in mind.

The first thing is to decide on the guest list. The higher the number of the guests, the higher your expenses will be.

There are some books that tell you to spend a certain percentage of the budget on flowers, venues and so on.

This is something that you should forget about completely. Decide how much you are willing to spend on each of these categories of expenses and coordinate with your budget.

It is pretty easy to get carried away when shopping for your wedding especially if you have a large number of people offering you advice.

The right way to go is to stick to your plan and decide for yourself. Nobody will want cover the expenses if you run out of cash.

Some of the venues and vendors come with some hidden expenses. For example it is possible that you think that it is cheap to hold the wedding in a park, but the barer the place is, the more money you will have to spend on renting furniture and lighting for the ceremony.

In some cases, if you pay a high rental fee, this might also include the furniture and everything else that is needed.

If there is something that you would really like to have at the wedding, you could be looking for a venue that comes with that element by default, and this way you would be able to make some economies.

The wedding dress of the bride can also be really expensive, but there are some ways, to make sure that you won’t go bankrupt. Sign up for the mailing list of the local salons, and so you will be notified in case there is an upcoming sale. You can get even two dresses for less than $500 in total.

The veil could also be a solution to save some money. You could make your own veil from a bunch of tulle and a wire comb. You might get the tulle for about $10, fold it in half and then simply sew the comb. You will get as a result the perfect and cheap veil.

There are many such DIY choice that you can go for in case the budget is tight and keep in mind that a budget savvy bride is usually a very creative bride able to make her wedding perfect by using her very own original approach.



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