Arriving at a wedding means more than just landing up at the venue.

Arriving at a wedding has to mean much more than that; in fact, your arrival can set the tone for the entire wedding.

There are as many options as you can stretch your imagination to think of, and if it is a practical and viable option, why not use it, I mean you must not get injured on the way to your own wedding, don’t you think?

Here are some transportation options for you:

  • You can choose the all time favorite, the limousine. In my opinion, using a limousine will give the occasion a sort of class. In addition, there is a lot of back space in the limousine, and generally, a limousine comes with a uniformed chauffeur. The bride and groom can either use a limousine for themselves, or they can choose to share it with close relatives and friends. Both ways, it connotes an occasion to celebrate, and the more the merrier! Limousines come in several colors and styles, and you could choose one that suits your wedding theme the best.
  • On the other hand, you may opt for a classic car, like for instance a Rolls Royce. The style that this will lend the occasion cannot be matched easily.
  • Another choice is the sporty car. These cars look great, and they are fast as well, and they could set the mood for the wedding.
  • If you prefer to arrive at the wedding with your bridal party, then you could opt for the trolley. This is an option that more and more couples are choosing today, probably because it is cheaper than hiring a limousine or even a classic car and also because it is a more practical choice to accommodate a large number of people.
  • If your wedding has a sort of fairy tale atmosphere to it, then you could choose to opt for a horse drawn carriage. Although this is not commonly used, several couples prefer this mode of transportation to go about on their wedding day. After all, this is a once in a lifetime occasion, and it is quite all right for the bride and groom to feel like a princess and prince on this special day!
  • If yours is an extremely large family, your best choice would be a bus.

Whatever you choose, remember that wedding transportation does cost a bit, and you must be prepared to spend a little amount of money on this special occasion, so that your wedding day goes hassle free, and you are off at a flying start.



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